You want your end user clients to see your live feeds. We can help you set up the hosting of this efficiently and cost-effectively!

We are experts in hosting live feeds. ServerAmp delivers many thousands of hours of content every month to websites, betting shops, channels, personal devices, etc. We can take your feed(s) and deliver them to a single end-user system or to multiple platforms. Your customers and end-users could see and hear your content feeds on websites, TV screens, in-shop monitors, iPads, mobile phones and more. If you already have some hosting services, please get in touch and we can offer you either add-on services or completely new solution packages.

If your business does require a full package of services, from production of live feeds, delivery of them over our network and hosting on different platforms, ServerAmp will be able to help you with all of this at a very competitive price. Please get in touch for more information and free quotes.